Hello, friends.  I know I can always depend on y'all for good advice.  Our
backyard will be going through a transition: first of all, we have fallen
victim to what is known as "infill housing" around here.  The small home
behind us was torn down, and a huge 2 1/2 -story house and a detached garage
is going up in its place.  Our yard is small, so the garage is practically
on top of us.  Also, we will be removing a huge ash tree, that shades a
large part of the yard; it is in bad shape, and it's probably dangerous to
leave it standing.  I have struggled over that decision but have accepted
it, and even look forward to planting things that like sun, which I've never
been able to do back there.

We would like to put in a few new trees.  I am thinking I won't plant
something huge, anticipating that it will shade the yard again.  Maybe it's
time for small trees or big shrubs.  So here's my request:  what can y'all
recommend?  I'm hoping to plant something that has berries for the birds.  I
live in west St. Louis County; we do get below-freezing temps in the
winter.  The area will be sunny, after the ash comes out.  I do have a few
small holly bushes and 3 viburnum/American cranberry bushes.  The yard is
not close to the house since our driveway swings around to the garage under
the house.

I'm hoping that, once the noisy part of the construction behind us is over,
my bird population will return.  I am thinking of  "constructing" a brush
pile for hiding places; I'll have lots of branches when the ash tree is
taken down.  I just want to add something that will be pleasing to us....and
to the birds!  Thanks in advance.

Susan Eaton
Kirkwood, ST. Louis CO.,MO
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