I went to Whetstone Creek CA, Callaway Co., this afternoon.  I found  
a Northern Shrike on the north side of the main road about 75 yards  
east of the turn into the maintenance area (garage building and two  
barns).  It was sitting atop a shrub, bobbing its tail.  It allowed  
me to continue to the road ahead, where I stopped, got scope ready  
and turned around.  I eased back to the original spot, now with the  
bird on my side of the car.  Got 10 seconds of very good scope  
viewing before it hit the deck.

I assumed that this is the same bird Kathleen (and earlier) Jean  
reported from much further west/northwest in the refuge.  There were  
many sparrows and juncos in the vicinity--not many left in the area  
where the shrike was seen before, and a big red-tail was patrolling  
that area.

BUT...on my return along the main road after going to the far end, I  
was watching a Northern Harrier when I became aware of a bird sitting  
on top of a shrub.  This was within a quarter mile of Jean and  
Kathleen's sighting area.  As I swung the binoculars toward it, it  
dropped and did not reappear.  It was definitely a shrike.

I did not get that clinching look, but I do think it was a Northern  
Shrike, not a Loggerhead.  Could have been the same as I saw earlier-- 
the time difference would have allowed it to get from one place to  
the other---but I don't think it would have had any reason to do  
that.  So, I'm postulating that there may be two Northern Shrikes at  
Whetstone now.

Note: there is also a Northern Mockingbird present.

Also went to McCredie Lake, Little Dixie, Bradford Farm, and Beef  
Farm.  Did not see the Rough-legged Hawk Brad reported; did find  
Canadas and Mallards south of Bradford.


Only bird of note was at Beef Farm.  A gazillion starlings, mostly at  
the south end, but at the north end (near the feeding area closest to  
the little lake with the ice-fishing nuts on it) was a relatively  
small mixed flock--cowbirds, Common Grackles, Rock Pigeons, and one  
Rusty Blackbird.

Full reports on CACHE later.

Edge Wade
Columbia, MO
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