Adding to Josh's message:  after his departure, Brad Jacobs, Andy  
Forbes, Joe Eades and I went back down to the spillway below the Mel  
Price Dam.  There we had an adult KUMLIEN'S GULL flying around (based  
on amount of dark markings on upperside of primaries, probably the  
same bird I observed one week ago) and a first-cycle LESSER BLACK- 
BACKED GULL sitting on the lock wall opposite, and then showing its  
wing and tail patterns in brief flights off the wall.

Waterfowl in the area, mostly concentrated on the open patch near  
Ellis Island, were

Trumpeter Swan:                 255+
Tundra Swan:                       6+
Canada Goose:                   many 100's
Cackling Goose:                  4
Gr. White-fronted Goose:    200+ (fide Brad)
Mallard:                                  many 100's
Gadwall:                                some
Green-winged Teal:            20+
Canvasback:                         5-10
Common Goldeneye:          50+
Greater Scaup:                     5-6
Hooded Merganser:            20+
Common Merganser:          30+

White Pelicans also totaled probably 200+ for the morning.

Bill Rowe
St. Louis
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