Bagnell Dam - Lake of The Ozarks 
  8 Bald Eagles
  50 ish Great Blue Heron
  2 Am Kestrels
  2 Turkey Vultures

Osage Beach
Backyard Feeders, Deck, Surrounding Forested Area 
  2 Red Bellied WP 
  2 Hairy WP
  2 Down WP
  10 Pine Siskin
  3 WB Nuthatch
  1 RB Nuthatch
  5 Tufted Titmouse
  2 BC Chickadee
  1 House Sparrow
  13 Dark Eyed Junco
  11 N. Cardinal 
  1 White throated sparrow
  2 purple Finch 
  2 Eastern Bluebird
  2 bluejays
  1 Starling

Becca Secor 
O'Fallon, MO Home
Osage Beach, MO for the weekend

              Becca Secor      

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