Hi all,
Although I will not be able to attend the ASM field trip Saturday, I 
will be in Fulton Saturday, and thought about going up toward RMBS 
Saturday evening in order to bird there on Sunday.

It seems like someone posted a site for a good clean, inexpensive motel 
in that area recently.  I'll be alone so I don't need anything fancy.  
Can anyone guide me in that direction?  Also, perhaps to a nearby public 
wifi so that I can check out MoBirds to discover what all of you spotted 
while there Saturday.

Also, if anyone is planning to bird the area on Sunday, it would be 
great to meet up with someone that knows the area and localities of cool 
birds.  I'm particularly interested in the longspurs, prairie falcon, 
snow buntings, northern shrike and, of course, rare gulls that might be 
hanging around the area.

Thanks and good luck Saturday,
Greg Swick
Ozark, Missouri

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