That's terrific, Mariel!  I opted to print mine out as I wanted to include 
photos, which are optional.  I've had some questions from apartment 
dwellers, and there are challenges to be sure if you don't own property. 
Why not help at a school or community center and then nominate them for 
Habitat Certification?  I discovered that there are so many individual yards 
and public areas in Chesterfield that are involved that their whole 
community is certified!  Now, that's pretty exciting, and does increase the 
intrinsic value of the whole community.

There are other groups that meet and give assistance, such as Wild Ones.

There is a St. Louis chapter and a mid-Missouri chapter.  I've been on the 
local tour before and everyone is so helpful and encouraging.  (Abigail 
Lambert's husband, Scott Woodbury, leads the St. Louis chapter.)  I'm going 
to join again and try to get to more meetings this year.

Another terrific book that I found is called:

Birdscaping in the Midwest:
A Guide to Gardening with Native Plants to Attract Birds
By Mariette Nowak

The author concentrates on the 8 state midwest area and the book is 
absolutely full of information.  There are various websites to find it on 
and differing prices, but I think I paid $27 for it locally.

I really like Mariel's idea of presenting a workshop at an ASM meeting.

Locally, WGNSS Ornithology group in conjunction with NABA (North American 
Butterfly Association)  is doing a program on Tuesday, April 8, 7:00 pm at 
Powder Valley. From the WGNSS newsletter:

    "Gardening for Butterflies and Hummingbirds."  Anne McCormack, Dennis 
Bozzay and Tom "Terrific" Krauska will share what works for them in thier 
suburban gardens, which have an impressive track record for attracting 
butterflies and birds. Learn about caterpillar food plants, butterfly nectar 
plants, as well as the use of native plants for your own garden.

I've seen all of their gardens, and they're not large, but full of plants 
and wildlife!

There really is a lot of information out there, and I hope more of us will 
do at least one thing this year to improve habitat.

(formal disclaimer- nothing personally gained by mentioning books or sites!)

Margy Terpstra
Kirkwood, St. Louis Co MO
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> The process takes about ten minutes filling out the form on line or hard 
> copy print out and $15.  Given where a lot of us live it is really a neat 
> thing to do.  (And it could raise the value of your house for resale to 
> like minded buyers?)  A network of them in Missouri might be fun to log 
> and you could keep a seperate list! ha ha for the listers in the audience 
> since most of you do it anyway so what could be easier that certification? 
> Thanks Margy for the idea.  Just think of the possibilities - a special 
> workshop for interested Backyard Habitat/apartment/urban people at ASM, 
> sharing what works and what doesn't etc., etc., 
> etc.........................................anyway I applied.
> Mariel Stephenson
> Columbia, Mo
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