Special session for the German Studies Association Conference in St. Paul, Minnesota, 
October 2-5, 2008




Developments such as the collapse of communism and global trade agreements have altered the world economy radically. Increased flows of migrants around the globe as well as postmodern forms of nomadism in the Western hemisphere have lead to deterritorialization and destabilized identities. This panel proposes to look at the impact these transformations have had on cultural production in the German speaking countries. Possible perspectives include the significance of a globalized editorial market for aesthetic production, the role of new media, and how authors and artists respond to the challenge to build "symbolic capital." The session would also like to include analyses of the growing body of contemporary German literary texts and films that deal with narratives of (global) capitalism, money, (un)employment, and consumption.

Please e-mail abstracts of no more than 500 words (in German or English) and very short biographical info by January 31, 2008 to Anke Biendarra, University of California, Irvine ([log in to unmask]).

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