Call for Papers for German Studies Association Conference to be held in St. Paul, MN, 2-5 October 2008.


Panel Topic: Dance in the Weimar Republic


During the Weimar Republic, dance was a powerful medium for self-expression, which shaped and transformed modern perceptions of the body. From the androgynous dances of Oskar Schlemmer to the macabre nude dances of Anita Berber, from the synchronized dances of the Tiller Girls to Josephine Bakerís syncopated rendition of the Charleston, dance served to perform the emergence of modern, cosmopolitan subjects and disrupted traditional perceptions and representations of class, gender, and race.


This panel seeks to investigate the intersections of dance and image during the Weimar Republic from the perspectives of dance studies, visual studies, and literary studies.  Papers might examine, for example:


- Dance and film
- Dance and literature/journalism
 -Famous dancers (Anita Berber, Josephine Baker, Tiller Girls, Leni Riefenstahl)

- The works of individual choreographers

 -Representations of social dances in visual art (Otto Dix, Max Beckmann)
- Journalistic photo-stories about dance
- Dance and fashion
- Dance manuals

- Representations of specific dances (Charleston, Foxtrot, Black Bottom, Onestep, Twostep)
- Dance and race


Please send a 150-200 word abstract to Susan L. Funkenstein (View message header detail[log in to unmask]) and Mihaela Petrescu ([log in to unmask]) by 8 February 2008.








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