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Subject: CFP: Childhood in Exile and the Creative Product (02/02/08; GSA; Oct 2-5, 2008)

CALL FOR PAPERS Proposed Special Session for the German Studies Association Conference in St. Paul, Minnesota, October 2-5, 2008
Childhood in Exile and the Creative Product
Literary works and art by former child-refugees and  child exiles are a relatively new chapter in Holocaust and Exile Studies. Childhood in exile is today regarded both as rescue and trauma an experience that in many cases lead to a lasting sense of rootlessness and displacement. According to child traumatologist Lenore Terr, trauma in childhood may set a theme for the subsequent work of the artist. And indeed, in some cases, life in exile triggered remarkable pieces of literature and art. This panel proposes to shed light on the childhood and adolescence
experience under exile conditions between 1933 and 1945 and at the impact these years had on the literary or artistic production of former child exiles. Papers are invited that explore the dynamics and interaction between exile and art, particularly literature of child exiles from German speaking countries.
Papers based on an interdisciplinary approach will be given particular consideration. Topics may include (but are not limited to):
-     child exile as rescue and trauma
-     rescue operations such as the "Kindertransport"
-     exile as an experience of rootlessness and displacement
-     exile as positive experience
-      insiders and outsiders: the experience of being different
-      hybridity / acculturation within the new society and issues of 
 national,ethnic, cultural, and religious identity
-     travel experiences, borders and border-crossings
-     transgenerational trauma and the effect of exile on family dynamics
-     mother-daughter relationships in exile
 -    the experience of children at educational institutions in the host countries
-     autobiographical and autofictional writing as therapeutic 
-     Holocaust exile in comparison to other exile situations
 Please send abstracts of max. 250 words and a very short bio blurb to both organizers (Julia K. Baker and Natalie Eppelsheimer) at steiermarkat@fuse,net and [log in to unmask]
 Abstracts are due no later than February 2, 2008.
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