Call for Papers

Goethe Society of North America Panel

GSA, St. Paul, Minnesota, October 2-5 2008


Built: Structure and Meaning in the Age of Goethe


This panel will explore various kinds of structures and their significance in the late eighteenth to early nineteenth centuries.  Papers might consider narrative, poetic, architectural, landscaping, biological, or artistic structures, or some combination of the above.  They might in addition explore the new disciplines from literary criticism to morphology that developed to study and classify such phenomena.


In the late eighteenth century, comparative studies from anatomy to philology flourished, mapping similarities in structure into systems with structures of their own.  As Foucault has noted, theorists in this period turned increasingly away from analogy as a basis for comparison, and towards notions of adaptation that depended on chronology and genealogy.  Objects from organisms, to species, to languages thus gained histories of development and came to be seen as products of building processes, affecting the way they were brought into dialog with human-made art and artifacts, and with the process of Bildung.


Papers may consider these linkages or focus on one aspect of signifying structure in the Enlightenment, Romantic, or Classical periods.


Send 250-word abstracts by January 30 to Stefani Engelstein ([log in to unmask]).

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