Reconsidering Alfred Döblin

A panel to be presented at the
German Studies Association Conference
October 2-5, 2008, St. Paul, MN

The year 2007 marked the fiftieth anniversary of the death of Alfred 
Döblin, an occasion that was celebrated in Germany with a flurry of 
newspaper articles and academic symposia, as well as with a new 
biography and a DVD release of Rainer Werner Fassbinder's film 
adaptation of "Berlin Alexanderplatz." Despite all this attention, 
however, Döblin remains much less canonical than his contemporaries 
Kafka, Mann or Hesse, and is also - despite a stunningly diverse output 
spanning four decades of literary activity - largely remembered for only 
one novel.

This panel hopes to remedy this critical neglect.  Although proposals 
dealing with all aspects of Döblin's works will be considered, papers on 
topics other than "Berlin Alexanderplatz" will be particularly welcome.  
Comparative or interdisciplinary reevaluations of Döblin's place in 
modernist culture will also receive special consideration.

Please email paper proposals to Tobias Boes, University of Notre Dame, 
([log in to unmask]) no later than February 1, 2008.  Please include a paper 
title, an abstract of roughly 250 words, any anticipated AV needs, and 
your name, affiliation, and contact information.

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