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Subject: CFP: "Eurotrash" Deconstructed (March 8; GSA 2008)

“Eurotrash” Deconstructed
CFP: German Studies Association Conference, 2008
October 2-5, St. Paul, Minnesota

Over the past two decades, “Eurotrash” has entered the vernacular as a provocative and pejorative term for certain German trends and styles, most prominently in discussions regarding fashion, popular culture, film, theater, and opera.  This panel seeks to examine and to interrogate the legitimation of “Eurotrash” as a descriptive category.  What is the relationship of “Eurotrash” to problematic discourses regarding cultural difference and cultural authenticity?  How has it evolved historically, and how does its employment correspond to intellectual debates regarding representation? In what ways does the term “Eurotrash” embody conflicts related to globalization and the mass media, especially cultural imperialism, nationalism, and transnationalism? Critical inquiries regarding individual works, directors, and productions are welcome. 

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