Kleist's Artistic Legacy-01/25-GSA 10/2-5/2008

for a session to be held at the annual conference of the
German Studies Association, St. Paul, MN, 2 October - 5 
October, 2008

Heinrich von Kleist 1777-2008, The Artistic Legacy

At GSA 2007 two panels focused on Kleist reception in 
political movements and in recent German prose works. In 
2008, the discussion will be expanded to include all 
non-scholarly adaptations of and responses to Kleist and 
his works.

What is the artistic, political, and legal legacy of 
Kleist, his works and his life, 230 years after his birth 
and three years before the 200th anniversary of his death? 
Which artists, political movements, and other non-academic 
interests have adapted or alluded to Kleist's works or 
Kleist himself, modeled works after those of Kleist, 
disembarked from Kleistian tropes, figures, politics, 
philosophy, metaphysics, aesthetics, stylistic or 
authorial gestures in literature, film, essay-writing, 
political discourse, or other media?

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