Call for Papers for German Studies Association Conference to be held in St. Paul, MN, 2-5 October 2008.

Panel Topic: Forms of Cultivation: Breeding, Grafting, and Transplanting

Botany and husbandry have taken an increasing space in German literature and thought since the seventeenth century. Images of growth have shaped the understanding of the development of the self
and the formation of nations and metaphors of crossbreeding have facilitated poetological discussions on the relationship between genres. This panel seeks to explore the multi-faceted use of breeding, grafting, and other organicist or mechanist metaphors as forms of cultivation in German texts (and European contexts)  from the seventeenth century to the present. 

Please send 200 word abstract to Christian Weber ([log in to unmask]) or Christine Lehleiter ([log in to unmask]) by February 8, 2008.

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