Call for Papers:  Pre-Twentieth-Century Countercultures

German Studies Association, 32nd Annual Conference St. Paul, Minnesota
(October 2-5, 2008)


Developing out of Sociology, the term "counterculture" is used as a broad
label for subversively-oriented collectives and the values and norms they
put forth, yet tends to be restricted in common usage to the 20th and 21st
centuries. This panel seeks to explore whether this term can retain its
usefulness when attached to non-dominant cultural representations in earlier
centuries. We welcome investigations that use the term to identify groups
not typically associated with a challenge to the mainstream, as well as
reinvestigations of groups long recognized to wander the periphery of German
culture such as salons, freemasons, Jews, Saint Simonists, etc.
Additionally, we welcome explorations of the theoretical value of the term
"counterculture" itself. 


Send 300-word abstracts by 3. Feb. to both organizers and indicate
anticipated audio-visual needs: Jennifer Colosimo ([log in to unmask] ) and Liesl
Allingham ([log in to unmask]). Please also include a brief (1-paragraph)


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