Some people think only turkeys stivk their necks out.
You guys are close to the dsy of the Bird are you not?
We did ours in October.
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There has been some interest by the legal profession in the literature around adverse outcomes from counselling after trauma ie that it is counter productive. I have thrashed this one around with a friend who is in charge of counselling within the armed forces after harrowing episodes. He says in the face of the developing literature they are now only offering counselling not pushing it as once they had. I have I must admit prodded another friend who has a lucrative business contracting to emergency services and the Grand Prix racing industry that she will be facing a welter of litigation in retirement from those who feel they have suffered worse PTSD because not left alone to stew over it. So ... lawyers the unrecognised legislators of the world. Cheers Pete
But in that case isn't this just like medical doctors who happen to be airliner passengers but who would refuse to come forward to try to treat any fellow passenger in the event of an in-flight medical emergency  ?  - ie., they're prepared to let their fellow human beings go hang, so long as they're  not personally sticking their necks out in any way at all.......

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