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AD = Anti-depressant. Prozac, amitriptylene, Wellbutrin, etc. PTSD often
(usually?) manifests itself in clinical depression, anxiety disorder,
panic attacks, etc. One never knows what "therapy" refers to, hence my
inclusion of psychoanalysis in my post. I suspect cognitive therapy is
one of the more important kinds of therapy for conditions resulting from

Incidentally, for many of us who suffer from depression the problem is
not repressed memories but difficulty in repressing them -- which is
usually highly desirable. One of the more common effects of depression
is a pathological procrastination, which then clutters one's life with
blunders, awkwardnesses, minor or major failures, which in turn (unless
gotten rid of somehow) among other effects can deprive one of many many
many hours of sleep over the years. One does not "deal with" such
matters but tries simply forget them.

Very few therapists today spend any time at all in digging up and
dealing with old memories, repressed or otherwise.
- surely, this is *chemical* therapy, and not necessarily anything at all to do with counselling per se - either  with 'professional' counselling  or  just 'talking about' what's happened - eg., with 'victim support' as happens  quite a lot as regards crime victims in UK - I think we're on differing wavelengths / frequencies !!!