Peter, a book I'm reading at the moment, Reading Gertrude Stein, Body, Text, Gnosis, by Lisa Ruddick, makes a detailed and convincing case for Stein's having done exactly that. The book is a bit overloaded with ideas from Freud/Kristeva for my taste, but the author traces Stein's acceptance of what Stein felt were traits in herself that resembled her father, after her initial rejection of everything he represented, and her acceptance of her female traits after having been disgusted at her mother's domination by her father and Stein's reluctance to emulate what she saw as weakness. Diana
Peter wrote:
I wonder if anyone has ever managed to do that.
> Jung and Tarot:An Archetypal Journey by Sallie Nichols is worth a boo.
> A number of my students liked it. That's probably where I got that reading
> of the creation story. Unfortunately I seem to have leant my copy
> (ie given it away) to someone, so I can't check.

> From: Diana Manister
> ...
> Jung wrote that individuation is achieved when the male and female aspects
> of the self are integrated. He saw the individual self, when balanced, as
> concentric
> with the cosmos.
> ====================================================
> > P.

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