Tabitha, thanks so much for the Heaney article -- I've sent it to several poet friends who have a good knowledge of Japanese poetry. I wonder if a sensibility such as mono no aware can be transplanted into Western culture since it grows out of an Eastern belief system. Pound knew about it but was not a Buddhist, was he?
Pound's saying that he wanted to capture the perception he had as he experienced the faces in the crowd is almost word for word what Cezanne had said (in French of course) about his goal in painting, that of capturing the "petite sensation" of the colors and relationships without "composing" them in conventional ways.
Gertrude Stein was very much influenced by Cezanne and tried to accomplish in writing the same transcription of perceptions, but she had other aims, such as depicting "types" of people. In Stein's early writing the influences of William James and Cezanne sort of cancel each other out. She got closer to Cezanne in Tender Buttons.

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> an interesting thing here by Seamus Heaney:
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