This was said of Baudelaire and holds good, I suppose, for
any "great" poet -- that he is
"a wayfarer, an intercessor, an intermediary, because of whom
we are able to feel related to forces that surpass our minds.
Because of him, the universe perceived by our senses, the
seasons and cities, men and their wretchedness, are loved
attentively and fervently and knowingly".
         Wallace Fowlie, 'Baudelaire and Eliot : Interpreters of Their Age',
          T.S. Eliot : The Man and His Works, ed. Allen Tate
          (Harmondsworth: Penguine Books Ltd., 1971), p. 300.

Ken Armstrong <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
 //To be human is to be capable of greater humanity.//
 A skilled, not necessarily trained, creative teacher helps.

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