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Adam's punishment it would seem, is to have to rule over Eve (and work)
Doesn't look like he had much choice in the matter, either.

Therein lies the rub, man !
Not that there isn't another side to the story.
As for Diana's individuation, "my own circle" to each :
  My external sensations are no less private to myself
  than are my thoughts or my feelings. In either case
  my experience falls within my own circle, a circle closed
  on the outside; and, with all its elements alike, every sphere
  is opaque to the others which surround it. . . . In brief,
  regarded as an existence which appears in a soul,
  the whole world for each is peculiar and private to that soul.
                  ~ F.H. Bradley, Appearance and Reality
A little off-topic maybe but, as for the literalist/non-literalist controversy,
apropos the myths, it should be interesting to read the following :
What's in a name? The rites and wrongs of poetry
"In such fashion, the ancients, through mythical figures, confronted and illuminated their natures and their lives. "


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