I recall that my commerce students' slightest exposure  to the classics
affected them (their human consciousness) in a profound manner. An
exclusive pursuit of practical careers, I suppose, might pave the way for
worldly success but, I'm afraid, it leaves much to be desired in the growth
of our human personality.  Reminded of Eliot's teacher, Irving Babbitt's
stress on the classics.

"Rickard A. Parker" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
"T. R. Stratton" wrote:
> I saved this quotation from when I read Closing (I may have posted it
> before). I didn't really like him but I thought the following was a
> cogent and truthful point:
> "To sum up, there is one simple rule for the university's activity: it
> need not concern itself with providing its students with experiences
> that are available in democratic society. They will have them in any
> event. It must provide them with experiences they cannot have there.


Rick Parker

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