Dear Diana,

it was useful wasn't it?  I think the article has
explained to be perfectly what imagism is all about,
which this list didn't quite manage!

i dont think that just because something comes from a
certain belief system means you have to believe in
that system to appreciate it ... i really can't see
Pound as a buddhist! (although admittedly i know
little about him)

Heaney is brilliant.  His translation of Beowulf and
the Burial at Thebes are both amazing.


--- Diana Manister <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Tabitha, thanks so much for the Heaney article --
> I've sent it to several poet friends who have a good
> knowledge of Japanese poetry. I wonder if a
> sensibility such as mono no aware can be
> transplanted into Western culture since it grows out
> of an Eastern belief system. Pound knew about it but
> was not a Buddhist, was he?
> Pound's saying that he wanted to capture the
> perception he had as he experienced the faces in the
> crowd is almost word for word what Cezanne had said
> (in French of course) about his goal in painting,
> that of capturing the "petite sensation" of the
> colors and relationships without "composing" them in
> conventional ways. 
> Gertrude Stein was very much influenced by Cezanne
> and tried to accomplish in writing the same
> transcription of perceptions, but she had other
> aims, such as depicting "types" of people. In
> Stein's early writing the influences of William
> James and Cezanne sort of cancel each other out. She
> got closer to Cezanne in Tender Buttons.
> Diana> Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2007 13:22:52 +0000> From:
> [log in to unmask]> Subject: Imagism, Pound
> and Haikus> To: [log in to unmask]> > an
> interesting thing here by Seamus Heaney:> >
> > Tabitha> > >
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