From: Diana Manister :

Peter wrote:
   "Distracted from distraction by distraction."
   "Actually, I think that perception needs some up dating.
    Today everybody and his dog is more than ready to wrench
    his consciousness out of shape to dig up some tastey
    morsel of uncomfortableness. It's all a way of keeping the
    focus on the self,  rather than learning to empathise."

You indicate that empathy is a learned response. What constitutes the
learning process? Isn't it possible for an individual's unconscious rage to
block his capacity for empathy, which might be freed if the rage were
brought into awareness and "selectively attended?" Focussing on the self
with a trained therapist often enables an individual to resolve childhood
fixations so that maturity, with the empathy that is a component of it, can
be achieved. Diana
Peter's response:
Learned response? bletch. Ugly jargon.
One learns to empathise if and when he, she or it ever decides
to  look around and see that he, she or it is not the only being
in the universe. Another phrase for it is growing up, ceasing
to be a suckling pig.
From: Diana Manister :
  David Boyd wrote:
      I see a potentially amusing opportunity here to make a teeny weeny
      to the descriptive richness and utility of the English language by
suggesting an
      informal little competition to come up with the most appropriate
collective noun
     for Peter's deluge of manifold posts..........or do I just need therapy
"Verbal incontinence?"
Peter's response:
   Of course if we didn't have such motor mouths on the list ........
From: Diana Manister :
     I wonder how effective these are: "Viagra Soft Tabs"
   You'd think they could come up with a better term! Diana
Peter's response:
   Your comeuppance to them is entirely justified.
   I doubt that I could have come up with something better.

And thus goes my repeter solution.