I read this article, too, with great delight. Curious that no one has followed up on two other topics Fenton mentioned: Ricks on the Complete Poems (2 vols) and Archie Henderson on a new Bibliography. I've tried to keep up with the last over the last while, but don't recall seeing discussion of either of these.

I'm sorry to ask such an ignorant question, but who is Archie (Archibald) Henderson? I see he's also on the advisory board of the Prose vols.

Hope everyone is well. It's been quite a while since I've commented here on the list, but am currently working on a PhD at the University of St Andrews (with Robert Crawford). Rick Seddon, it's good to see you back on the list.

Best wishes to all,

Will Gray

PS - There seems to be a slight difference of opinion on the release date for these first two volumes of letters. Most sources cite early 2009 - Faber themselves told me May 09 when I called them a while ago. But on the Faber site now, the date is listed as Autumn 2008.

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It says this in saturday's guardian:

Then there is the stalled edition of the Collected
Letters, which began so well with a first volume in
1988, edited by Valerie Eliot. That first volume is
now due for revision and, together with a second
volume, is due out in 2009, with Hugh Haughton at the
helm. Thereafter things are expected to proceed at a
modest pace.


hopefully accurate!

also andrew motion does a review of new biography of
Pound in same section:


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