Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Söder
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Junior Year in Munich an der
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Call for Papers/Submissions for Publication

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will meet at the 11th Intl. Conference of "The Internationals Society for the Study of European Ideas" at the University of Helsinki, 28th of July - 2nd August, 2008

Since the 1980s the contours of postcolonial theory have been largely defined. However, its choice of language and imagery has not yet been stringently tested. The French-inspired anthropological and ethnographic metaphors of the 1980s and 1990s, the images of retrieval and recovery such as genealogy, archaeology, and the subaltern have been superseded by spatial metaphors. This spatialization of postmodern discourse is not new, however the proliferation of these expansionary figures of speech is unprecedented. The idea of globalization, globalism and "the goal" are undoubtedly responsible for the recent "reassertion of space" (Edward W. Soja), however, this "production of space" (Henri Lefebvre) has had unforeseen consequences. Not only is it leading to a re-evaluation of "European Ideas," but it may also be responsible for the perception that "the West" is splitting up (Habermas). This panel aims at fostering an international dialogue about the "spatial turn" as it evaluates its usefulness as a representational category for culture. This panel is held in cooperation with the European Network for the Study of Globalization (Internationale Forschungsgruppe für theoretische Globalisierungsforschung). Suitable contributions will be included in a separate publication.

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