Pleaste note: The deadline for abstract submissions has been extended to
November 30th.

For the 2008 Popular Culture Association (PCA)/American Culture Association
(ACA) Conference in San Francisco, California, from March 19th to March 22nd.

Papers are sought for the following topics, but other submissions will also be

"Exile and German Popular Culture"
Papers are sought that look at exile in popular culture. What are the forms that
are used to express the exilic condition in popular culture. How do they
differ, and what impact do they have on exile studies in general?

"Visual Culture in Germany"
What are the spectacles of German culture offered in visual texts? What do they
say about the German past, its present, and its future within Europe?

"Film: Open Panel"
Any topic dealing with film, either historically or within the context of modern
day filmmaking, which is rarely any longer a purely national endeavour.

"Film: Feminist Cinema Today"
Before, and particularly with the New German Cinema, feminism made a significant
contribution to German film and society. What are the permutations of feminism
in today's filmmaking in the German-speaking countries?

"New German Film and Hollywood"
In the 1970s the contrast between German film and that of Hollywood might have
been readily apparent, but with present-day German filmmaking and filmmakers,
what is the relationship to Hollywood? In what respects does it mirror or set
itself apart from the past?

"German Music"
The Osnabrück Symphony's recent tour to Iran, and the controversy that ensued,
demonstrated how German music often becomes entwined with politics. What does
the Osnabrück Symphony's experience say about the state of music in Germany?
What are the other ways in which German music, from classical to rap/hiphop, is
making waves outside of Germany?

"Museum Culture"
The Jewish Museum in Berlin, the Autostadt Wolfsburg, the work on museums since
unification from Munich to Berlin to Hamburg, all point to the vibrancy of
German museum culture. What are the tectonic shifts in German museum culture
since unification, and where do the lines of rupture leave devastation or
surprising new growth?

"Kafka and his Friends"
Who are Kafka's modern day friends? Or who might have been Kafka's friend? How
would any writer of today have gotten along with the insurance agent from Prague?

"Günter Grass and the German Past"
Ever since the true nature of Grass's youth in National-Socialist Germany has
come to light, he has become a touchstone more for opinions about the past then
about his person. What does a reading of Grass offer to those interested in the
state of German's relation to its difficult past?

"German Art"
This past year's _Dokumenta_ again demonstrated the political nature of German
art, but what are the trends and artists in present-day art that are leaving
their mark the greater art world?

Please send 150-200 word abstracts by November 30th, 2007 to Claude Desmarais
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considered. For information about the conference, consult: 

Claude Desmarais
Assistant Professor of German
Modern Languages and Literatures
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