CFP (12/03/2007, ACLA Annual Meeting "Arrivals and Departures", Long Beach
California, April 24-27, 2008)

With or Against the Flow: Conversation and Movement

This panel examines the way in which the social spaces of conversation
that have characterized our social, cultural and political history and
their representations have always depended on the phenomenon of movement.
For not only do the salon, the cafe, and other such social groups allow
for a great number of arrivals and departures from people with different
nationalities, they are also the archetypal space for a collectivity of
language based on the traveling of words and ideas.

Referring to the many historical accounts and representations by people
who associated themselves with the social spaces such as the salon as well
as the various theories concerning inter-individuality, this panel will
question the significance of movement for the European social spaces. We
particularly welcome comparative papers that focus on the workings of
sociality and its influence on culture and politics.

We welcome papers that address:

•	foreign influences in social spaces (arrivals/departures)
•	the exchange of ideas and their political impact
•	gender and conversation
•	the structure and significance of group conversation
•	the representations of collectivity of language

Seminar Organizer: Barbara van Feggelen (University of Connecticut)and
Martina G. Lüke (University of Connecticut).

To ensure the widest participation in the 2008 annual meeting, "Arrivals
and Departures," ACLA has extended the paper proposal deadline. The new
deadline for abstract submission is: Monday, December 3, 2007

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Dr. Martina G. Lüke

University of Connecticut
Department of Modern and Classical Languages

337 Mansfield Road, Unit 1057
Storrs, CT 06269- 1057, USA

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