From: [log in to unmask] on behalf of Vickie Cutting
Subject: [Asecs] ASECS and the MLA, CAA, and AHA
Each year ASECS sponsors a scholar session at the annual meeting of
these societies.  Because ASECS is an interdisciplinary society, it
encourages its members to propose a session (panel, round table) on a
topic of broad scholarly interest and one that will have particular
resonance and appeal for the constituencies of the AHA (historians), CAA
(art historians), and MLA (literary critics).  The deadline for
submitting proposals is DECEMBER 15.

Proposals should take into account the type of interdisciplinary work
encouraged by ASECS.  A non-member status waiver can be requested from
the MLA, for scholars working in fields other than language and literature.

A submission form is available on the website at:  (NEAR THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE).
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