from Eliot, T.S. "Observations." Egoist 5.5 (May, 1918):69

What we want is to disturb and alarm the public, to upset its reliance
on Shakespeare, Nelson, Wellington, and Sir Isaac Newton, to point out
that at any moment the relation of a modern englishman to Shakespeare may
be discovered to be that of a modern Greek to Aeschylus.  To point out
that every generation, every turn of time when the work of four or five
men who count has reached middle age, is a crisis.  Also that the
intelligence of a nation must go on developing, or it will deteriorate;
and that every writer who does not help to develope the language is to
the extent to which he is read a positive agent of deterioration.  That
the forces of deterioration are a large crawling mass, and the forces
of develooment half a dozen men.