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his substance hard
  as ivory or glass --
  through which the wind
  yet plays --
  he nods
  the hair between his horns
  and eyes matted
  with hyacinthine curls
      ~ William Carlos Williams
Carlos is always so sexual.   I forget now the person he said this to, but to paraphrase, he said that he felt sexual all of the time.
"When I first heard him, I thought it was plain speech, " Allen Ginsberg remarked on William Carlos Williams. "I asked him, do you see your self as a doctor or poet? He said doctor." Then, "I saw him read in New York City"
which brings us to the movie, Field of Dreams.  There was the character in the movie of an old doctor, an old doctor who as a young man played baseball, went as far as the miner leagues, and was brought up to the majors one time for the last game of the year.  He has one chance and he blew it.   He was sent back down to the miners and then quit baseball altogether and went on to medical school to become a doctor.  Of course, in the movie, he gets to become young again and to play baseball in the field of dreams with Shoeless Joe and some other great players. He gets his chance at bat, but a young girl watching begins to choke and he has to leave the field and become the old doctor again to save Kevin Costner's daughter and once one leaves the field, one can't go back. Costener begins to apologize but the doctor stops him, saying that the minute at bat he was granted was sufficient, that if he had only had a minute at being a doctor, then that would have been a tragedy.

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