It's that time again; another year has elapsed and we are nearing the end of summer and the Red Sox are in first place and heading for the playoffs.  The TSE List Members sigh and think, Oh, God, are we going to subjected once again to a month of reports on the status of this baseball team when we could care less. Even the members from Massachusetts and greater New England sigh, though, of course, they are already resigned, for they know many like me.  Yet, there is poetry is baseball.  It is, in fact, mystical.  It is a Field of Dreams. It is Fenway Park.

It is the Inquisition, the

It is beauty itself
that lives

day by day in them
idly —

This is
the power of their faces

It is summer, it is the solstice
the crowd is

cheering, the crowd is laughing
in detail

permanently, seriously
without thought


    -from The Crowd at the Ballgame by William Carlos Williams

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