Hello Rick,
Thanks for pointing at Kirk's book, which I like. Kirk writes that
the Criterion "intended to assist in the recovery of the common
cultural patrimony of Europe", and this is indeed the starting point
of my book. In it, I interpret this common cultural patrimony
as one of European humanism, investigating Eliot's relation with
authors like Curtius, Benda, Hofmannsthal, Mann, ValÚry and Ortega
and reviews like Nouvelle Revue Franšaise, Revista de Occidente
and Die Neue Rundschaue in order to outline a common European
orientation and shared ideas about the European cultural legacy.
As Harding writes in his 2002 book, "few critics have explored his [Eliot's]
intention to use the Criterion to nourish intellectual exchange between an
international fraternity of men of letters, within Europe" - it is here that I
hope my study will be of some interest.
Regards, Jeroen.