Kate Troy <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

Dear Kate Troy, I'm struck by your reading of this poem --
I'd explore the aspect of "sexuality" in William Carlos Williams. 
I'm impressed by your profound comment on 'Field of Dreams' :
"Costener begins to apologize but the doctor stops him,
saying that the minute at bat he was granted was sufficientthat if he had only had a minute at being a doctor, then that would have been a tragedy."

I have explored the aspect of sexuality in Carlos Williams, not personally, of course, but //intellectually//.
As for  my comment on Field of dreams, the segment from the the movie that I relsted //was not meant to be profoud.//   Rather, it was rather to illustrate Williams' outlook on being a physician.


Intellectually, of course.
I was looking at that remark about 'Field of Dreams' not in its limited
aspect but in its wider applicability. My bad, I beg your pardon.

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