Author’s Questionnaire

Recently my study of Eliot and his Criterion network of authors has been
published in Brill's series 'philosophy of history and culture' (
The title of the book is:

The classicism of T.S. Eliot's Criterion network and its relevance to our postmodern world

A picture of the cover is included; the description on the backcover is:

In recent scholarly work, T.S. Eliot has usually been associated with cultural elitism and political
conservatism, or even with proto-fascism and anti-Semitism. This book proposes a different view.
During the Interbellum, Eliot and his review 'The Criterion' were part of an international
network of intellectuals that shared an open-minded Europeanness. Authors like T. Mann, Benda,
Ortega y Gasset, Curtius and Hofmannsthal emphasized their common European roots and shared
cultural legacy. Their 'classicism' stands in the European tradition of humanism and has
remained highly relevant. Classicist ideas about literature, education and human culture in general
continue to inspire contemporary humanist thinkers, as the second part of this book demonstrates
by discussing the work of Ferry, Todorov, Steiner, Scruton, Toulmin and others.

More information about the book can be found on or by contacting me:
Jeroen Vanheste ([log in to unmask]).