I don't think so either, but early Levertov would not suggest what she
turned to in later work.  She was a war-protester and poet who embodied
many 60s ideals and became Catholic largely because of her admiration
for the liberal Catholic tradition of Dorothy Day and Liberation

I interviewed her about the relation of Catholicism and feminism, if you
are interested in her view on it.  It's in Jewel Brooker's anthology of
interviews:  CONVERSATIONS WITH DENISE LEVERTOV (Jackson:  Mississippi
University Press, 1998).

>>> Marcia Karp <[log in to unmask]> 08/11/07 11:09 AM >>>
The wonderful Doris Lessing wrote The Golden Notebook.  I don't 
remember the details, but all I've read of Lessing would make me doubt 
she writes from a Catholic perspective or with Catholic symbols 


Quoting Diana Manister <[log in to unmask]>:

>   Nancy I will read those Levertov poems. I have only read /The 
> Golden Notebook/.
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> I think you would find it interesting to read--if you have 
> not--Denise Levertov's late Catholic poems (she became, in her own 
> words, increasingly orthodox), especially those in BREATHING THE 
> WATER (New Directions, 1987).  "On a Theme from Julian's Chapter XX" 
> is about Jesus on the cross and the meaning she sees in his suffering 
> as body.