Carrol Cox wrote:
> Eliot lists this ["the present decay of Eastern Europe"] as one of the
> three themes in the "first part of Part V." Does anyone know of any
> writings by Eliot which specify this -- or can we take "decay" as a
> euphemism for the Russian Revolution?

Nancy Gish replied:
> He uses that phrase to refer to Hermann Hesse's Blick ins Chaos.  If
> you read Hesse's text, you see that it is about the notion that the
> European man (sic) is changing and that the "new man" is the Russian
> and Eastern, one who is not rational and modern but may, like Dmitri
> Karamozoff, be a saint or a madman. ...

For those interested in pursuing this I have some web pages for you:

T.S. Eliot and Hermann Hesse

Blick ins Chaos (home page for some translations)

    Rick Parker