Dear Rick,

What I questioned was "as a unity."  It may well be a forest.  I'm not
suggesting that it is not a poem.  But the idea that a poem must be
unified around some idea or image or myth or whatever just does not
explain all poetry.  I like what Mary Hutchinson, Eliot's and Viv's
friend, said when she heard it read:  "It's Tom's biography and a
melancholy one."  (from memory, might be a word or two off)  It is far
easier I think to trace Eliot's movements through the poem than any
quest by a mythical knight, for example.  It originally started in
Boston, moved to Munich, then London, then Lausanne and Europe.

>>> Richard Seddon <[log in to unmask]> 08/02/07 12:23 AM >>>

To me both Pound and Eliot seemed to be working to some sense of the
fitting together.  They seemed to think that there was some whole into
a variety of very fine poetry did not fit.  Examples are "Gerotion" and
ship board scene.  Other poetry was added, after Pounds condensation,
Eliot seemed to feel fit in with and enhanced the rest.  You seem to be
denying a "whole" for the poem that I think TSE and Pound saw and molded
pieces about.  Please don't ask me what that whole might be for I have
idea either. :>)  But, as I have learned and am still learning, because
can't get my mind around something does not mean it is not a whole
It may be a Forest.

Rick Seddon
Portales, NM