Poor writing on my part.  I was trying to emphasize that poetry was much
more than the literal meaning of words to TSE. 

Buried in this essay under TSE's normal waffling I find a hard reaction
against "vers libre" as a cover for simply poor and lazy poetry.

For a blunter and shorter essay on the same subject see Pound's "Vers Libre
and Arnold Dolmetsch" in "Literary Essays of Ezra Pound" edited by none
other than T. S. Eliot, New Direction Paperback, 1968 page 437.  A quote:
"Poets who are not interested in music are, or become, bad poets".  Another
quote from the ever sensitive Pound, "Poets who will not study music are

Poetry for both of these very good poets was simply much much more than the
literal meaning of words strung together in lines and strophes.

Back to singlets, doublets, and triplets.  And, I am not talking about metre
or children :>).  Then back to Bras and Kets (and I'm not talking about
underwear).  It is either than or confirm the suspicion of a major professor
Monday am as in "I knew you didn't read it, I bet you didn't read that
simple article on symmetry/antisymmetry either, when you've read them come
see me".

Rick Seddon
Portales, NM