Rita Kelly wrote:
> Thank you, Richard,
> Your site is wonderful - a real temptation to browse it all the living day

Thank you (and Peter Montgomery and Rick Seddon too).  I've received
at least two emails from people who, essentially, wrote that they lost
a days productivity at work reading the site.  Much more often my hits
log will show someone visiting the framed section of the site and then
no more hits coming from that IP address.  The back button is your

And, Rick Seddon was correct when he said my name was Rickard.  Tagged
with my last name it's unique but rather problematic.  Rick S. was
totally wrong though when he wrote "I, Richard (Rick) Seddon, am not
an artist of anything."  Rick is a poet amoung his other
accomplishments.  I'm a technician.

Now, Rick, don't add anything more or we'll start sounding like Chip
and Dale.

   Rick Parker

P.S.  I'm late with a reply as I was feeling free in the mountains
(for a cost of $18 a night at the Forest Service campground).  I
loved the wood thrushes.