I typed  this out for use in a thread on a political list (lbo-talk),
but having typed it I thought I'd send it here as well.


"In Buckinghmshire hedgerows
  the birds nestingf in the merged green density,
    weave little bits of string and moths and feathers and
     in parabolic concentric curves" and,
working for concavity, leave spherical feats of rare efficiency;
    whereas through lack of integration,

avid for someone's fortune,
  three were slain and ten committed perjury,
     six died, two killed themselves, and two paid fines for
						 risks they'd run.
      But then there is the icosasphere
  in which at last we have steel-cutting at its summit of
     since twenty triangles conjoined, can wrap one

ball or double-rounded shell
   with almost no waste, so geometrically 
     neat, it's an icosahedron. Would the engineers making one,
        or Mr. J.O. Jackson tell us
   how the Egyptians could have set up seventy-eight-foot solid
					       granite vertically?
    We should like to know how that was done.


Poems don't get any better.