Summering in Maine sounds like heaven. I did spend a month in Rockport one summer, taking side trips to Mount Batty, Mt. Desert Isle and other places. I recall a herd of Belted Galloway cattle standing in morning mist, and being taken aboard a boat delivering mail to tiny islands where seals were sunning themselves. Diana

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And I was grateful for the opportunity to mention Levertov.  Not to be
annoying, but it has been cool and comfortable in Maine through this
whole heat wave.  I shouldn't tempt fate by saying that.

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No harm done.  I'm grateful for the opportunity to mention Doris
Lessing.  Hot here, too, in Boston.


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>   Ooops! Sorry. Of course you are right. I plead the heat wave in New
> York. The initials being the same were enough to overwhelm my feeble
> consciousness. Diana

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