Why thank you Peter. I can always count on you! Diana

Peter wrote: I think Diana is just trying to yank chains here again.
Not worth taking seriously.
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> Diana Manister wrote:
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> > Tom, if the body is seen as an impediment to salvation, its
> > destruction is a good thing, right? This attitude exists within
> > Christianity - from Aquinas maybe.
> You describe Manichaeism -- which Aquinas so hated that there is a
> legend to the effect that once while an invited guest at a banquet put
> on by Louis XI(?) he suddenly leaped up with the medieval equivalent of
> Eureka and dashed out of the room to get down an idea he had just had
> for the refutation of Manichaeism. Hatred of the body is heresy because
> it casts doubt on the doctrine of the Incarnation and the Sacrament of
> the Mass. Gnosticism had a similar hatred of the body.
> This is not to say there isn't a strong flavor of manichaeism in a lot
> of Christian thought, but don't blame it on Aquinas. For Dante heaven is
> only a sort of semi-heaven until the last judgment when the souls in
> heaven will be reunited with their bodies, that union being essential
> for true human bliss. (Incidentally, contrdicting modern Papist dogma,
> Aquinas held that the fetus acquired a soul only with the second
> trimester, hence he could have approved of abortion in the first
> trimester.
> Carrol
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