No doubt unfortunate associations accruing to previous adjectives for removable diskettes were so frequent that an inflexible plastic shell now encloses them! A preponderance of male hardware developers? Diana

> David Boyd wrote:
> Following the changeover from typewriters to wordprocessors [then
> costing megabucks, but infinitely more powerful and efficient] despite
> very considerable training, one of the secretaries at my former
> workplace wasn't able to trust to the power of the word-wrap, so ended
> every single line of text she input with a manual carriage return - it
> all looked OK, but anyone who had to make changes to it wasn't amused

My wife was leading a union organizing committee at ISU, and someone (I
think an organizer from the national office) typed in the mailing list
on the Osborne we owned at the time. BUT she used the usual typewriter
key for a 1 (one) -- the l [L] key. What a mess going through it and
changing it, since our local zip codes were 61701 and 61761. (The
Osborne computer, for those who don't know, looked like and was as heavy
as a portable sewing machine. It had two floppy disks, 100k each, and
64k of memory. An upgrade gave two floppy disks of 200k each.)

> !
> Same one could introduce some most unfortunate typos - one had to be
> eagle-eyed - eg
> [in a grovelling letter to a  very senior company personage]:-
> "I hope this fully answers your query, but if you need any more
> information, please do not hesitate to contact the undersized."
> [in a company board paper /proposal that they sanction the spending of
> yet more megabucks on a central computer / CAD system]:-
> "Changeover to such a system would also have the advantage of
> cutting-down on the very large number of floppy dicks throughout the
> company."
> Regards
> David

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