At 12:53 PM -0400 8/7/07, Nancy Gish wrote:
>Bottled water is one of the surrealist absurdities of our time.  It 
>is tap water filtered and stuck in bottles, not some primal, pure 
>spring water.  If you get a Britta filter, you can just refill any 
>water bottle and carry it around with you for no cost, and it will 
>be the same thing.  Fortunately Maine water is already good and 
>pretty cold even in summer, but I use the filter anyway because it 
>is noticeably finer.

Agreed completely, and I'm constantly arguing this with people who 
buy enormous quantities of bottled water, spreading the detritus into 
landfills...  (Rather, than, say, buying a canteen...)

Fortunately, the media has decided that this behavior now counts 
among the absurdities they deign to cover, and more people are 
becoming aware of the premium they're paying, and the environmental 

But Nancy missed an additional opportunity to plug Maine - Poland 
Springs water, of Maine, is one of the brands of bottled water which 
need not be labelled "PWS" (for Public Water Supply), nor is it a 
"designer" label for pretentious wealth consumption/destruction.


PS: I have no connection to Poland Springs, I'm simply replying to 
this for the opportunity to truncate the length of the email being 
forwarded around, which was approaching Biblical proportions.