Thanks Carrol, keep me posted if you find it. Diana

Carrol wrote: I'm having difficulty in remembering. The only book I can locate right
now by a French anthropologist on my bookshelves is Emanuel Terray,
Marxism and "Primitive" Societies, but I remember the sentence as being
the _first_ sentence, and I can't locate it in Terray now. If it's in
another book I own, I haven't got it indexed in a Word Table yet, or
didn't put the keyword Anthro in! Pound says culture begins with "I
can't remember what book I read it in," but senility may begin that way
too*. If I come across it I'll post the book.

[*And I can't remember what book Pound said that in. :-)]


Diana Manister wrote:
> Carrol, the distinction between having a history and being your
> history in sense more than a personal sense is illuminating. I wonder
> if he or she means history in a strictly Darwinian sense. Any chance
> of getting the name of the anthropologist? Diana

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