He was vewy fwightened!

Diana Manister wrote:
> Peter, yes, but just about everything occasions fear in the poem. Too
> much water, too little water, dust, rock, fire, women, a one-eyed
> merchant, the urban environment, London's air, and on and on. Few
> things besides hyacinths, fishermen, and churches are not fearsome.
> When symbolism overlaps to this extent, it becomes redundant and
> turgid. Diana

Well, the outside world in 1920 was a pretty scary place for many people
(and a pretty grim place, also, for the friends & family of the [how
many million?] dead in WW1. And it was also pretty a pretty scary world
'inside' [the Eliot household] for TSE. (I will show you fear in a
handful of dust.) Just what do you expect to find in a waste(d) land?


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