Thanks you for your generous remarks, Diana.
It wouldn't be foiar if I took credit, though.
It is an idea I learned so long ago, I can't provide th
source. The point wasn't made by anyone else so, I did it.
Thanks again.
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Peter wrote:

"The pub characters, can I suppose be seen as pawns in
the chess game. Certainly the demobbed fellows are coming
from a pawn-like situatiuon in the war. Not many connotations
of ivory among them that I can see, though, unless perhaps
that set of teeth that Lil should get."
Peter this is another sharp observation of yours. Chess is a war game. Europe in either WWI or WW2 was described as a chessboard. Another resonance in the poem that operates on a subconscious level until someone like you points it out! Ivory may stand for the spoils of war. Diana

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