Has anyone noted that the word postmodernism is an oxymoron?

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  Eliot and postmodernism

  Diana, what fascinates me, and doubtlessly fascinates many, is the fact
  that in TWL, despite the "deconstruction of conventional narrative", 
  despite  "disjunctions", the fragments connect so well as to reinforce 
  each other.

  Also, as Peter rightly points out, there is "a sense of synchronicity or 
  all at onceness in the poem." 

  The poem is, indeed, a "modernist" perception of a fragmented reality, 
  "A heap of broken images". 

  All the same, I would not consider this deconstruction of conventional 
  narrative "postmodern". The coherence of these fragments around a 
  thematic center distinguishes the poem from the postmodern in that
  the postmodern perception of reality is essentially one of anarchy
  and disorder without a center to hold.  In TWL things do fall apart
  but 'What the Thunder Said' suggests how one can restore order. 

  As for the "indeterminacy" of meaning at places, it only adds to 
  the poem's richness without undermining its essence.



  Diana Manister <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
    Peter, that's another postmodern aspect of Eliot, wouldn't you say? Disjunctions and indeterminacy, and deconstruction of conventional narrative.  Diana


      Peter wrote: 

      The various interruptions to or contortions of the narrative
      help to create  //a sense of synchronicity or all at onceness in
      the poem.//  One of the technical messages of the poem
      (ie. the medium as message) is that the narrative is pretty
      much kaput in the modernist perception of reality.

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