Thanks, Diana. I get it.  Regards, CR

Diana Manister <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Dear CR: Marie's language describes a world that is gone. If she had said, "There one felt free" then "there" would accurately refer to her previous experience in the mountains with her cousin the Archduke. But she says, "there, one feels free." "There" in that sentence is what Jacques Derrida calls "an unhealthy sign" because its signifier is an illusion. Marie speaks as if the archduke's milieu is ongoing, a milieu "you" can return to when you wish to feel free. Either she is in denial about the destruction of the old order or her mastery of the past tense in English is faulty. Both possibilities  are symptomatic of European social upheaval after the war.  In any case, "there is no there there." Diana

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